Allessia Risotto


Porcini mushrooms never had it so good

The passionate seekers of epicurean adventures look for culinary solutions that are authentic and uncomplicated. They seek provenance that reveals local and rich flavours. The culinary diverse region of northern Italy, inspired this delicious risotto dish. A great starting point, since the product credentials were legitimate in the world of gourmet food.

The sleek black label look of the Allessia brand had great brand architecture to leverage. The black label equities and high quality finishes were used to inspire a culinary food packaging experience.

The photography selected highlights the unique, fresh and artisanal porcini mushrooms with vivid richness. Supported with stylized graphics, die-cut window, fonts and colours to win the consumers’ trust, that they will create a memorable meal.

The final package is intriguing and distinct, it goes the extra-mile and enables consumers to try something new that is intriguing.

Available in 300 g format in your local grocery stores or a 900 g (300 g x 3) at Costco.

Allessia sicilian cherry tomato sauce


Sweet sicilian specialty

Southern Italy is know for having the perfect climate and soil that produces very rich and ripe fruit. Sicilian cherry tomatoes are sweeter, riper and higher in pectin than larger tomatoes. Traditionally, the juice is preserved in small beer bottles making a very flavourful tomato sauce that will delight the most discerning palates.

The great ingredients and unique bottle shape for the pasta sauce category inspired a design that marries the Alessia brand architecture with bold and vibrant visuals that capture the quality of the product inside the bottle.

The label design leverages the characteristics of the most precious cherry tomatoes to ensure the product calls to mind tastes of home. The final package will attract real modern connoisseurs.

Available in 340 ml format in your local grocery stores. Go ahead explore the authentic flavours that Sicily has to offer with an image that reflects an adventurous spirit.