Aurora plain bread crumbs

bread crumbs

Nothing plain here

Aurora’s strong brand image and success with Italian styled bread crumbs was leveraged to create a new Aurora plain bread crumb package.  The plain breadcrumb category was dominated by private label and other national brands that had a very boring look. Bread crumbs, aren’t boring, they add more experience (texture) and flavour to any dish and this is very much on trend, a more indulgent occasion and is used in all cuisines, especially ethnic. Highlighting new usage with authentic visuals was key to stand out on shelf. By leveraging more versatile imagery with higher appetite appeal intrigued and attracted consumers. The final look is exceptionally delicious. 

Aurora rice pudding & custard

rice pudding & custard

Instant indulgence

Taking cues from the baking category, the new look for Aurora Rice Pudding and Aurora Devon Custard needed to have a warm and inviting feel, that through appetizing visuals would instantly gratify the consumer. The “good feeling” softer tones and delicious indulgent visuals fit with the category, but also keep the Aurora brand image in tact. A premium look that makes want more. Indulge away!

Aurora teas


When in Rome…

Tea drinkers love variety, they adore the endless variety of tastes, colours, aromas and textures.  Tea is an incredibly interesting, unique beverage from all over the world.  Exploring and discovering new teas flavours, is fun, interesting and exciting. Doing good to one’s body while drinking beverages is important to the convenience-focused Canadians that are driving today’s tea market.

So, how does Aurora launch a new tea brand that has all the credentials that tea drinkers are looking for?

Aurora Tea varieties needed to connect to the Aurora master brand and to its authentic Mediterranean roots. Visuals needed to invite you to explore and discover with engaging and intriguing graphics and images.

Aurora is a trusted brand, playing up its authenticity in the packaging creative makes consumers feel confident to consider these new products. The creative reinforces origins, usage and ingredients with inviting visuals that build the Aurora tea credentials.

The functional product claims were integrated in a unique “good for you” way to support tea quality. The packaging visuals connect to wellness and make you feel good.

Move over tisane della salute, since Fall 2015 the Aurora teas are available in six appealing and inspiring blends, new twists on traditional teas, Chamomile Fig, Peppermint Eucalyptus and Digestive and the exciting new Mediterranean inspired teas, Sicilian Lemon, Blood Orange and Frutti Di Bosco (Wildberry).  Watch the tea shelf, these teas have real pop and will get noticed.

Get ready to explore great new teas ala Aurora!

Aurora broths


Stirring the pot

The broth category is hot! The latest food trend is a steaming cup of broth. The Aurora brand wanted to expand their franchise into the trendy broth category. Knowing that their consumers want to make nutritious and flavourful meals, however, they don’t have the time to make broths from scratch.

If you grew up eating soup made from broth made by your mother or grandmother, you will recall how delicious and soothing the meal made your feel. This warm feeling churns up vivid memories of great aromas in the kitchen and stirring the pot with a wooden spoon to sneak a taste of the yummy home cooking.

The Aurora brand is built on honesty, respect, quality and tradition.  When designing the broth packaging, it was very important to capture the brand’s values and also communicate a better and more meaningful cooking experience.  The imagery selected highlights the flavourful ingredients used to make the broths placed within a contemporary kitchen with nostalgic elements like the wooden spoon and the colourful vintage pot.  The wooden spoon carefully pours the broth into the pot making the consumer connect to feel-good home cooking.

The Aurora Broths launched in Fall 2015 and are available in four healthy and delicious varieties, Beef, No-Salt Chicken, Chicken and Vegetable.  The broths have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.  They are fat-free, gluten free and Kosher certified.  Each package has an easy to make recipe on the back.  These broths are packed with flavour and are great bases for soups, stews, gravies, risottos, stir frys and so much more.  Pick up some Aurora quality broths so that you can live a quality life.