Baci® Chocolate had low awareness outside ethnic Italian grocery stores. Our client wanted to increase Baci®’s association with premiumness with a unique format for Holiday 2017 that would be disruptive and a desirable gift for the holiday season.  The final product needed to be relevant to the target consumers’ gifting occasions and drive purchase.


Canadian consumers are least loyal to boxed chocolates, they are more likely to seek out more unique and interesting offers during the holiday season. The new Baci® Holiday House look and structure related directly to enjoying the premium chocolate at home over the holidays. The idea was to consider Baci® as part of the mistletoe occasion since “Bacio” means kiss in Italian. The goal was to get the consumer to experience the Baci® chocolate and also create a new ritual at the holidays. The Baci® Holiday House had the ideal shape and graphics that made this connection with consumers. The goal was to get consumer to “Share the Love” by sharing great chocolate with your family and friends. The 400 g Baci® Holiday House, was retailing for $9.95, which was the ideal price point for gifts to give employees, teachers and friends in the community.

The structural design disrupted the traditional flat box of chocolate. The Baci® Holiday House structure encouraged consumers to open the house from the top and enjoy in a more entertaining way. The die cut Baci® shaped windows on the side allowed consumer to peer in and see the premium wrapped chocolates inside. The overall impression of the structure was more inviting and premium than traditional chocolate box shapes.

The graphic design supported the new advertising campaign “Baci® is the New Mistletoe” and showcased detailing and finishes that would elevate the premium cues at shelf. Creating the right balance between typography and graphic elements was key to ensure a clearly balanced design. The ornate and detailed emboss across the bottom portion of the box was inspired by vintage Italian embossed craftsmanship. The brand logo was the focal point, but it was also reinforced in an elegant way as a pattern in the emboss.


The final product was an exclusive offer to Costco Canada for Holiday 2017. The sell-through was 100%. Baci® Holiday House sales surpassed client, customer and consumer expectations.