Canada True®

Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars

Chocolate canadian style

Chocolate is loved by all. Tastes are diverse across the world, however, chocolate imprints a consistent strong positive feeling or memory, especially when travelling. Provenance and quality ingredients are key drivers of chocolate product trends. The new look developed for Canada True chocolates has an exclusive and premium identity that aims to attract not only tourists, who are seeking Canadian made chocolates, but are also passionate chocolate lovers.

The imagery on the bars is very sleek and relates to what’s inside. Hyper-realistic photography of the chocolate on the front, cue the consumer to the quality to expect. The packaging colours, the maple leaf and the ice grape images support the product descriptions, to make it easy for the consumer to differentiate between the 100 g bars. The majestic landscapes of the 225 g bars capture very strong images of Canada that are familiar to many and makes these bars desirable and larger than life.

The fonts, the hot gold stamp, metallic inks, matte and gloss varnishes contribute to a very exquisite final finish. The final result, quality Canadian chocolate bars, with crisp, memorable and impactful visuals portraying contemporary Canadiana indulgence. These visual details are key to driving the right emotions to convert to consideration and purchase.

Each bar has an image and taste that is relevant with an attractive final look that will be desired by tourists and chocolate lovers alike. You will find the Canada True chocolate bars in tourist shops across Canada. Pick some up and enjoy the fine chocolates this country has to offer.

Maple cookies

Maple cookies

Oh cookies!

Maple flavoured anything is desired by all Canadians! It’s a fact. Consumers look for indulgent and high quality taste appeal visual cues when considering a sweet treat. Maple cookies are nostalgic and connect to Canadian culture. It was very important that the packaging design leveraged these aspects. 

The stylish graphic design linked to the current Canada True® Maple Chocolate 100 g bars. The visual focus on delicious cookies and maple leaf visuals capture the provenance and appetite appeal. The beautiful maple syrup pour shot reminds consumers of the authentic ingredient in these cookies. The CANADA provenance and modern fonts in graphic boxes assist in highlighting the product attributes. The high quality hot foil stamp on Canada True® maple leaf and emboss on the cookies and maple leaves elevate the imagery and create desirable texture on the packages.

Available in Maple Cream Cookies 100 g and Mini Maple Cookies 60 g. Sold in Canadian duty free and tourist shops across this nation. If your lucky enough, pick up these great Canadian favourites and enjoy on your own and impress your friends while celebrating Canada’s 150th.