Kavi Reserve®

Kavi Reserve

Kavi Reserve

There’s a new whisky brewing

Canadian Whisky is a mature category that relies on innovation to add excitement and attract new consumers. The idea behind Kavi® Reserve  – to naturally combine two beloved Canadian beverages into one outstanding liquid. By combining locally roasted cold-brewed coffee with well-aged Canadian whisky and re-barreling to further refine and enhance the flavours of the whisky gave Kavi® Reserve a real unique product proposition to leverage.

The product profile underpinned the brand essence, however, to create a new-to-world brand identity required a real deep understanding of the consumers and their emotional drivers and motivations. This led to establish a strong position for the brand and its values to create a vibrant personality that would give Kavi® Reserve all the confidence to hold its own on the Canadian whisky shelf.

Each aspect of the label was carefully designed and illustrated, to highlight the coffee and whisky cues that consumers would find desirable and memorable. The elaborate label architecture and finishing details do not disappoint. It’s these details that give the brand a bold and defined look that sets it apart from all the rest. This real beauty is shaking up the whisky world!