Planters® sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds

Brightens the shelf

Planters Canada wanted to develop a new package design for their Sunflower Seeds that would make an impact at shelf.

Sunflowers are grown for beauty, are easily recognized and distinct in colour and shape. By using the sunflower as the main visual of the package design consumers could instantly understand what’s inside. The field of Sunflowers connects to the seed harvest and Mr. Peanut is placed just above the logo as the authority reinforcing quality and authenticity. The Planters logo was given the strongest placement and the right balance versus the product name creating a symbiotic lock up. The main visual of the sunflower seeds placed into the centre of the flower reinforce the natural beauty with strong appetite appeal that clearly differentiates.

Launched in Fall 2014 across Canada this package draws you in and creates interesting theatre at shelf that delights the senses.

Planters® nut bar

nut bar

Nut your ordinary candy bar

Planters® Canada wanted to extend its brand into the candy bar category and leverage the fast-moving food trend of salted caramel that was quickly becoming mainstream in many food categories.

Two key branding fundamentals ground the development of this design. The master brand combination of Mr. Peanut and the Planters® logo needed to reflect a dominant presence and highlight its unique rolled non-chocolate format since this was a key differentiator from other candy bars.

The Mr. Peanut and Planters® logo along with an appetizing photo image of the Nut Bar anchor the packaging design to make it easy for consumers to associate the authority on peanuts with a high-quality innovative new candy bar. The overall packaging colour combination selected reflects a higher quality, indulgent proposition. The added benefit of gluten-free is also a key selling feature that was highlighted in black offset by the black in the Mr. Peanut logo that gives this copy a balanced presence. Highlighting “NEW” is important to the category since candy bar consumers are curious and are open to try new offers.

Launched in Fall 2014, the Planters® Salted Caramel Nut Bar has shaken up the candy bar category with a package, flavour and candy bar format that pleases consumer tastes.