Simply Kids 100% Petit®

Baby care products

Baby care

Simply refreshed

The Simply Kids 100% Petit® brand identity was designed around the insight that parents want the best for their baby, without compromising quality, and better priced than leading national brands. Time starved parents wanted a complete baby category solution that had an appealing look and made them feel good too. The Simply Kids 100% Petit® brand name captured the hearts of parents by portraying a colourful and playful identity that is very engaging and relevant for today’s parents and how they connect with their children.

Important to achieving the right balance of quality, trust, innocence and fun, the star child illustration and variety of colour is core to the brand identity and makes a strong connection to baby that is very important to parents. The star child is full of optimism, reaching for the sky, full of energy and ready for the world. Parents relate to the positive, vibrant and playful star child image that represent values they hold true for their children.

Originally developed in 2005, the Simply Kids 100% Petit® brand launched over 300 skus of baby care, baby food and accessories moved market share significantly away from key competitors and made the category more profitable for the grocery outlets. After many successful years in the market, the time was right for a new look. In 2017, the diapers, training pants, baby wipes and baby care products were all updated with not only higher quality ingredients that are better for baby, but also, with a refreshed look that is very appealing and easy to shop at shelf.

Baby food products

Baby food

Simply yummy

The Simply Kids 100% Petit® baby food designs are a delicate theatre, inviting parents to engage with a brand that promises unpretentious quality that is innovative and playful too. Crisp, clean photography is married with a colourful and optimistic brand identity with children illustrations that seek out adventure on every package. Sweet and simple illustrations like clouds and balloons also help to create a feeling that is authentic and true to the brand.

In 2017, a new line up of baby food products was developed to better meet the needs of today’s parents. Parents seek out more natural food options, that are more convenient with ingredients that their babies will love to eat. Ten new delicious organic baby food purées with trendy recipes packaged in the very versatile and portable plastic pouch with spout have been all the rage. Also launched new in 2017, the all-natural rice rusks and the organic whole grain puffs, giving parents great snacking solutions for their growing kids. 

Also in 2017, the baby cereals and the baby formulas received a new refreshed look to match the rest of the baby food line up. The complete Simply Kids 100% Petit® baby food assortment now has a cohesive look that is relevant to today’s parents with quality ingredients at an affordable price. The Simply Kids 100% Petit® brand makes parents feel they are making the smart choice. Check out the whole line up at