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Simply Pets

Simply Pets

The do good authority

Simply Pets® is a new brand created with a real cause and high quality ingredients at its heart that is meaningful to pet owners. The exclusive partner of Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, where portion of proceeds from each sale are donated to support local pet rescues in Canada that prevent the abandonment, distress or abuse of animals.

The Simply Pets® and Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation brand identities were created in tandem and are founded on the “doing good” core principles of high ethical standards, integrity, social responsibility and values within a Canadian context.

Each brand identity captures a distinct colour, font, unique logo lock up that is attractive and authentic establishing the brand as the “do good” authority for the pet category. The animals on the packaging are from actual pet rescues and the happy and friendly animal snout on the Simply Pets® logo captures a cheerful feeling and doubles as a cause marketing ribbon.

In Spring 2015, the Simply Pets dog treats launched across Canada and are selling in over 2,000 retailers supporting the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation with a dedicated website at where you can find out more about this great cause.