Waupoos Estates Winery®

Reserve wines

Reserve wines

Connecting the vineyard to its surroundings

Waupoos Estate Winery is the oldest winery in Prince Edward County, it is situated in an idyllic region of southeast Ontario that feels like it’s a million miles away from hectic city life. The cool factor of the region has attracted many visitors to the winery, and the owners wanted a new packaging upgrade for their Reserve Wine varietals to better reflect the image and quality of the winemaker’s creativity; highlighting the local region and the wine varietals in a unique way.

Eliminating the label and decorating directly on the bottle created a more prestigious and handcrafted effect elevating the premium cues of the packaging. The brand architecture highlights the winery logo, and each Reserve varietal or blend paired with an indigenous animal that reflects not only the animal’s personality and connects to the wine tasting notes. The use of animals is an intriguing way to engage the consumer and create a memorable brand that explains the taste experience. The rabbit has always been part of the Waupoos Estate Winery logo and now more furry friends have joined the family.

Launched in Spring 2014, the Waupoos Estate Winery Reserve Wines have been getting rave reviews. Six red wines, Cabernet Franc, Meritage, Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and one white wine, Chardonnay have create quite the stir in the County.

Red rabbit wine


Imagination runs wild

The Waupoos Estate Winery was looking to inject fantasy into their popular Waupoos Red Rabbit varietal and to appeal to a younger demographic.

A more whimsical and romantic look was achieved with a pen and ink illustrative style supporting an interesting story on the label. The rose bush, the rabbit and the bottle of wine are all found at the winery. Leaving it up to the consumer’s imagination to interpret the story. The deep red colour accents draw attention to key elements that have an elegant contrast and subtle essence that complement the taste of the wine. The red colour band across the top highlights the Waupoos Estate Winery master brand logo reinforcing the estate vineyard and finishing the look by creating a visual anchor for the label.

The new Waupoos Red Rabbit look is rolling out in 2015 at the Winery and select LCBO stores. Be prepared to have your imagination chasing rabbits.